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Dr. Shelli Brunswick,
Ph.D Honoris Causa.

—— Chief Operating Officer @ Space Foundation, brings a broad perspective and deep vision of the Global Space Ecosystem — Passionate about promoting Diversity & Inclusion across the World, encouraging the next generation of women to pursue STEM and Space subjects and join the Space industry.

—— From a Distinguished Career as a Space Acquisition and Program Management Leader and Congressional Liaison for the U.S. Air Force to her current roles, including...

Involvements 2023 - 2022

International Space Tour 2021 | Expo 2020

Rabat | Dubai | Qatar | Egypt | San Francisco

Dubai Expo 2020 Space Week.

Moderator at the Women's World Majlis | Mission Equality: Expanding Equal Opportunities in Space. How women are leading the trajectory of space economy and exploration.

World Investors and Entrepreneurs Summit WISE Q1 (#WISE2022Q1).

Honored to be hosting a virtual panel discussion at the World Investors and Entrepreneurs Summit WISE Q1 (#WISE2022Q1). With the theme "Impact Investments & Global Economic Recovery," the WISE2022 Quarterly Meeting will be hosted from March 26-29 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“The Future in Action”, panelist for “Employability in the ERA of Pandemics and Beyond” plenary session; Cairo, Egypt.

Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research (2nd edition), “The Future in Action”, panelist for “Employability in the ERA of Pandemics and Beyond” plenary session; Cairo, Egypt. Year 2021 marked the second edition of The Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research (GFHS). The first global initiative of its kind in Egypt. The forum is organized under the auspices of H.E. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

Keynote speaker at AstroCon21, Doha, Qatar.

Part of the 2021 Qatar - USA Year of Cultural - a campaign of exchanges, knowledge transfer, and mutual understanding. The program aimed to “Deepen programs and initiatives that enhance Qatar's ties to the U.S. - based on educational institutions, research organizations, and business associations, facilitating U.S. investment opportunities and fostering professional networks between Qataris and Americans. Astrocon21 is a conference dedicated to astronomy and space science, organized by the Astronomy Alumni Chapter at Qatar University (QU) and Astronomy Club.

Space Career With Shelli @ SPACE FOUNDATION

Engagements for creating opportunities in SPACE.

Space Foundation

She oversees the Center for Innovation and Education, Symposium 365, and Global Alliance.

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Selected as one of only 56 women worldwide as a Mentor at the UNOOSA.

World Business Angels Investment Forum

At the end of 2020, Shelli also became a WBAF Senator to the USA and Global Women Leaders Committee Board Member.

Transparent Organization for Aeronautics and Space Research

In early 2021, she became the Chair of Space Entrepreneurship at Tod’Aérs (Multinational organization promoting Global Sustainable Development through Research in Geospatial and Space Studies).

Shelli Brunswick @ Global Invites

The People's Mission @ DUBAI Expo| Singularity University @ SOUTH AFRICA | Special Judge & Mentor International Space Apps Challange Brescia 2021 @ NASA .


Advocating for Space Technology Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusion, Shelli collaborates with Organizations around the world to connect Commercial, Government and Educational sectors.



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